The Seven Heroes of Guguan

The Seven Heroes of Guguan   
The Seven Heroes of Guguan   
The Seven Heros of Guguan are well-known middle-level mountain of Central Taiwan, including Mount Baxian, Mount Maluan, Mount Wuwowei, Mount Pojinjia, Mount Dongmao, Mount Baimao and Mount Tangmadan. The hiking entrance of Mount Baxian is right next to Jinghai Temple. The single journey is 6 KM and both sides are mostly coniferous woods.
The trail of Mount Maluan is wide and easy to hike. The hiking entrance is around 36.2 KM of Taiwan National Highway No. 8.
The north hiking entrance of Mount Wuwowei is located at around 31.2 KM of Dasyueshan Byroad and its peak can be reached easily.
Mount Pojinjia is one that can test the hiker’s strength. The landscape of the southern mountains of Dajia River can be seen along the way.
The trail Mount Dongmao is wide and flat cable routes for Taiwan Power Company. Once hikers reach its peak, they can enjoy its broad horizon.
From Mount Baimao, hikers can overlook the landscape along the drainage basin of Dajia River. The hiking trail of Mount Tangmadan is one of the relatively easier trail of The Seven Heros of Guguan.
GPS Location of The Seven Heros of Guguan

Mount Maluan
Taidian Lane N:24°12'29.5" E:120°01'03"
Hiking Entrance of Mount Maluan N:24°11'49.8" E:121°01'05.5"
First Pavilion N:24°11'39.3" E:121°01'48.3"
Second Pavilion N:24°12'42.1" E:121°02'13.3"
Class 3 Triangulation Station N:24°11'56.8" E:121°03'03.3"

Mount Dongmao
The Great Taoist Temple of Guguan N:24°10'14.3" E:120°56'29.2"
Entrance of Mount Dongmao Trail N:24°10'18.2" E:120°56'36.5"
Hiking Entrance of Mount Dongmao N:24°10'30.5" E:120°56'38.6"
Rain Shelter Pavilion N:24°10'49.3" E:120°56'17.5"
Class 3 Triangulation Station N:24°11'08.9" E:120°57'28.4"

Mount Wuwowei
Hiking Entrance N:24°11'36.9" E:120°59'30.5"
Class 3 Triangulation Station N:24°12'37.2" E:120°58'16.2"

Mount Pojinjia
Hiking Entrance N:24°12'17.5" E:121°00'33.9"
Entrance of Hiking Trail N:24°12'25.5" E:121°00'31.2"
Pavilion N:24°12'24.4" E:121°00'30.9"
Class 3 Triangulation Station N:24°13'42.8" E:121°00'41.1"

Mount Tangmadan
Hiking Entrance N:24°09'59.9" E:120°56'59.0"
Class 3 Triangulation Station N:24°09'39.6" E:120°57'40.0"

Mount Baimao
Hiking Entrance N:24°10'13.2" E:120°55'13.2"
Class 3 Triangulation Station N:24°09'41.0" E:120°55'31.4"

Mount Baxian
Hiking Entrance N:24°11'18.8" E:121°00'49.2"
Jinghai Temple N:24°11'19.7" E:121°00'49.6"
Class 3 Triangulation Station N:24°09'15.4" E:121°00'43.0"

Jiabao Platform
Class 3 Triangulation Station N:24°11'10.9" E:121°00'28.8"

Administration Unit: Dongshih Forest District Office

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