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Hiking in the mountains
Exploring Baguashan, a treasury of ecology
Let's hike along the Baguashan (Bagua Mountain) trails, moving from the bustling of the city to the tranquility of the mountain and forest, to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of migratory eagles.
Hiking on Baguashan trails
About the trails on Baguashan mountain range
Passing through the entire Changhua County and a part of Nantou County, the Baguashan mountain range possesses abundant ecological landscape, seasonal sceneries, and a number of hiking trails featuring their respective history and characteristics. Let’s choose a hiking trail of your preference to experience the fun of walking in nature!

Six specially selected trail recommendations

  • 八卦山天空步道

    Baguashan Skywalk

    Situated in Changhua City, the Baguashan Great Buddha Scenic Area features a 1,005-meter-long trail adorned with white fences. This trail was built following the contours of Baguashan and is the longest skywalk in Taiwan. The Baguashan Skywalk is flat and easily accessible with seven entrances, allowing visitors to pass by prominent landmarks such as the Great Buddha, a baseball field, and the National Changhua Living Art Center. While walking along the skywalk, you can also enjoy a unique experience as you traverse through the canopy strata.

    Highlights of the trail

    • Enjoy a distant view of the metropolitan landscape from the platform in front of the Great Buddha of Baguashan
    • Enjoy the blooming scenery of the flame-red phoenix flowers (Delonix regia) from May to July.
    • Trail entrancesEntrances No. 1 and No. 7 are located at both ends of the trail. Entrance No. 1 can be accessed from the Great Buddha of Baguashan, whereas Entrance No. 7 is at the National Changhua Living Art Center.
    • Trail length:1.1km
    • Walking time:25minute
    • Trail typeSteel frame structure
    • Trail difficultyEasy level


  • 挑水古道

    Tiaoshui Historic Trail

    In ancient times, local ancestors discovered a natural spring and dug a well at this location. Over the past century, people have come and gone to fetch water, gradually forming this historic trail. The initial section of the trail is flat, and during the tung tree blossom season in April and May, visitors can witness the beautiful sight of May snowflakes drifting through the air, making it a renowned tung tree blossom viewing spot. As you venture further into the foothills, the trail transitions into stone trails and dirt trails, leading you through a primeval forest of Castanopsis carlesii, Michelia compressa, and other species.

    Highlights of the trail

    • Natural spring in the mountains – The Longfeng Well
    • The tung tree blossom season in April and May: One of the eight tung tree blossom viewing spots in Changhua
    • Trail entrancesNo. 200, Sec. 1, Yuancao Rd., Fenyuan Township, Changhua County
    • Trail length:2.9km
    • Walking time:110minute
    • Trail typeAsphalt, stone and dirt trails
    • Trail difficultyEasy level
  • 藤山步道

    Tengshan Trail

    Tengshan Trail is a quite popular hiking trail on Baguashan (Bagua Mountain). With a total length of 2 km, the tree-lined Tengshan Trail features a spacious surface and gentle slopes. In early summer, between April and May, the trail is adorned with blooming tung trees, creating a scene as beautiful as a snowfall. The wooden signs along the trail are written with fun phrases, allowing visitors to easily learn about Taiwanese language and culture during their hike. This trail is ideal for families.

    Highlights of the trail

    • The tung tree blossom season in April and May.
    • The Hakka Tung Blossom Festival between the middle of April and early May
    • The fun road signs of Taiwanese folk proverbs and triple radicals
    • Trail entrancesNo. 394, Yuannan Rd., Yuanlin City, Changhua County
    • Trail length:2km
    • Walking time:1.5-2hours
    • Trail typeAsphalt
    • Trail difficultyEasy level
  • 猴探井天空之橋

    Houtanjing Panoramic Skywalk

    Spanning across the Bagua Valley, the sky bridge takes the form of a tiered suspension bridge that appears like a smile in the sky when viewed from afar. It is a hot scenic spot in Nantou’s Baguashan area and offers excellent views. When standing on the bridge, tourists can gaze upon the Changhua Plain, and even the Xiluo Bridge and the estuary of Zhuoshui River, from afar. There are also hiking trails nearby that connect to the scenic pavilion of the tea plantation and the Houtanjing Scenic Viewpoint.

    Highlights of the trail

    • The sky bridge takes the form of a tiered suspension bridge.
    • Look out at the hilly tea plantation, the Changhua Plain, and the estuary scenery
    • Enjoy the sunset and starry night sky
    • Trail entrancesNo. 300, Houtanjing St., Nantou City, Nantou County
    • Bridge length:204m
    • Walking time:10minute
    • Trail typeSteel frame structure
    • Trail difficultyEasy level


  • 田中森林步道

    Tianzhong Forest Park Trail

    Located in the Tianzhong Forest Park Trail, this trail is dotted with pavilions, sports facilities, and informative signs, and offers stunning views along the way. The Zaojue Pavilion situated in the northern section is an excellent spot to admire the beautiful sunset scenery. This trail is perfect for those planning a long and leisurely hiking trip, allowing you to fully savor the serene atmosphere in mountains.

    Highlights of the trail

    • Enjoy the beautiful sunset scenery at Zaojue Pavilion
    • The Zaojue Pavilion is an excellent spot to admire the beautiful sunset scenery.
    • The Taiwan acacia, camphor tree (Camphora officinarum), cape jasmine (Gardenia jasminoides; blossom season from April to June), and harebell (Dianella ensifolia; bloom season from March to August)
    • Trail entrancesNo. 187, Sec. 2, Zhongxi Rd., Tianzhong Township, Changhua County
    • Trail length:3.5km
    • Walking time:2hours
    • Trail typeCement, sleeper and dirt trails
    • Trail difficultyEasy - medium


  • 二水登廟步道

    Dengmiao Trail

    Connecting Ershui of Changhua and Mingjian of Nantou, this trail is renowned among hikers and visitors to the Shoutian Temple. The front section of this trail is flat and, as the terrain gradually ascends, it meanders through a primeval forest consisting of Zuiho Machilus (Machilus zuihoensis Hayata), camphor tree, Taiwan acacia (Acacia confusa Merr.), and elephant’s ear (Macaranga tanarius). The trail offers diverse scenery and you can often see Formosan rock macaques (Macaca cyclopis) roaming freely.

    Highlights of the trail

    • The Shoutian Temple located at the summit of Songboling has a spacious view
    • The “Shangyuan Platform” (literally refers to the “Primate Observation Platform”) is where groups of Formosan rock macaques often appear
    • Primeval forest consisting of Zuiho Machilus, camphor tree, Taiwan acacia, and elephant’s ear.
    • Trail entrancesFengbo Plaza
    • Trail length:2km
    • Walking time:110minute
    • Trail typeSteel frame structure
    • Trail typeAsphalt, cement and stairs


Delicacies of Baguashan

What delicaices can you find in urbn areas after a half- or one-day hike?
Here are some recommendations for must-eat delicacies and must-buy souvenirs for those of you who are starving.

  • 肉圓

    Taiwanese meatball (“Ba Wan”)

    Taiwanese meatball, also known as “Ba Wan” or the Taiwanese mega-dumpling, is made by deep-frying. Its outer layer is crispy and chewy, while the filling is made of ground pork from the hind leg. It is served with a special sauce drizzled on top


  • 爌肉飯

    Soy-stewed pork with rice

    A bowl of rice topped with well-marinated crispy pork belly, drizzled with sauce, is all it takes. The simpler the dish, the more one can appreciate the true culinary craftsmanship.


  • 蜜餞

    Preserved fruits

    The Yuanlin preserved fruits, renowned throughout Taiwan, originated as a way to preserve the region's bountiful fruit harvest in its early days. The combination of “salty, sour, and sweet” flavors leaves a memorable impression on the taste buds of those who try them.


  • 木瓜牛奶

    Papaya milk

    The combination of the sweet-smelling papaya and the creamy milk is not only beloved by locals, but also a must-try beverage for visitors to Taiwan.


Bird-watching activities

Yinyang Bagua

make their way through Baguashan on their journey back home from their wintering grounds. To witness the majestic beauty of these birds, you can visit the Shangyin Platform (literally refers to the “Eagle Watching Platform”). Here, you can observe eagles gracefully soaring through the mountains as they search for food. You can marvel at the spectacular and unique spectacle of their early morning takeoffs and afternoon landings.

During the eagle-watching season, the region also hosts the “Yinyang Bagua” bird-watching activity, inviting bird enthusiasts and people of all ages to participate in this significant international bird-watching event and gain insights into the ecology of Baguashan.


  • Eagles don't often flap their wings. Instead, they normally spread their wings and soar with the air currents.
  • Early morning takeoffs (“Qiying”): Eagles take off along the valley’s rising air currents in the early morning.
  • Afternoon landings (“Luoying”): Eagles land along the valley’s descending air currents in the afternoon and at dusk.

Discover the traces of grey-faced buzzards

  • 八卦山脈遊客中心

    Baguashan Ecology Visitor Center (Grey-faced Buzzard Exhibition Hall)

    As Taiwan's first exhibition hall dedicated to the grey-faced buzzard, the Grey-faced Buzzard Exhibition Hall features a raptor introduction zone, a grey-faced buzzard ecological exhibition, and so on. In addition to learning about raptors, you can also explore the ecology of Baguashan, including common plants and insects in the region. It is a great place for both education and entertainment.


  • 八卦山賞鷹平台

    Baguashan Eagle Watching Platform

    It is known as a hot spot for eagle watching. In addition to observing grey-faced buzzards, you may also spot Chinese sparrowhawks (Accipiter soloensis) passing through in April. The small-sized Chinese sparrowhawks soaring in the sky is a spectacle that birdwatchers should not miss.


  • 橫山賞鷹平台

    Hengshan Eagle Watching Platform

    Known as the highest point of the Baguashan mountain range, it allows you to overlook the Changhua Plain and is the best location for observing grey-faced buzzards at the south end of the Baguashan mountain range. Here, you may also spot some other migratory birds, such as the crested serpent eagle (Spilornis cheela), besra (Accipiter virgatus), and crested goshawk (Accipiter trivirgatus). It is a must-visit place for birdwatchers.