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How to Reach the Tri-Mountain

When you arrive in Taiwan, you can use the following transportation tools to reach the Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area.

  • Taiwan High Speed Rail

    The Taiwan High-Speed Rail (THSR) is the fastest transportation option in Taiwan. You can take the THSR to quickly reach a station near the Tri-Mountain from the airport or other regions of Taiwan, and then use other transportation options to reach the Tri-Mountain.

  • Taiwan Railway

    The Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) has a very convenient island-wide railway network, which allows you to reach a station near the Tri-Mountain by taking a train and then use other transportation options to reach the Tri-Mountain.

  • Intercity Buses

    Taiwan has an extensive bus network that allows you to access the Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area directly from a nearby station. The budget-friendly ticket price also makes the bus the top transportation choice for many people.

  • Taiwan Tourist Shuttle / Taiwan Tour Bus

    By taking the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle or Taiwan Tour Bus, you can easily access the scenic areas of the Tri-Mountain and its surrounding areas. The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle also offers various packages, providing you with a very convenient choice.

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Travel information

  • VISA

    Travelers shall have their passports with them when entering Taiwan. Those from countries such as Japan, Korea, and the US are eligible for visa-exempt entry. Please refer to the links below for more details.

    Information on Visa-Exempt Entry

  • Immigration information

    Foreign travelers entering Taiwan are required to complete the "Arrival Card" and comply with relevant quarantine measures. For detailed entry and exit information, please refer to the link below.


  • Currency

    The New Taiwan Dollar is the official currency of Taiwan. Currency exchange services are available at the bank in airports. Common banknote denominations are NT$100, NT$500 and NT$1,000; common coin denominations are NT$1, NT$5, NT$10 and NT$50.

  • Time Zone

    The time zone in Taiwan is GMT+8.

  • Weather

    The central region of the Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area has a comfortable climate with pleasant temperatures all year around, making it an excellent destination for various travel activities. However, since mountainous areas can often experience sudden and severe weather changes, travelers are advised to stay updated with real-time weather information.

    More weather information

  • Power Socket

    In Taiwan, the common voltage is either 110V or 220V. The sockets are of type A or type B. If your electric plugs are not compatible with the sockets, you should bring plug adapters.

  • Wi-Fi

    Turn on your Wi-Fi for free internet access where iTaiwan internet services are available. After agreeing to the related terms and conditions, you are ready to enjoy iTaiwan free Wi-Fi services.

    iTaiwan Wi-Fi Website

  • Prohibited Items

    Travelers are prohibited from carrying meat, food with meat inside and fresh fruits or vegetables when entering Taiwan. The maximum cash that each traveler is allowed to carry is NT$ 100,000 and US$ 10,000.

    Information regarding Prohibited Items at Airports

  • Tax Refund

    A 5% tax is included in the prices of commodities in Taiwan. If a foreign traveler spends more than NT$ 2,000 within a day at a designated store with a “Taiwan Tax Refund” label, he or she can ask the clerk for a tax refund form.


  • Tips and Service Fees

    Tipping is not a common practice in Taiwan. However, in some restaurants, a 10% service fee will be added to the bill.

  • No Smoking in the Public Area

    Smoking is banned in all public areas; some public sites and shops may be equipped with smoking areas.

  • Useful Phone Numbers

    Fire/Ambulance: 119
    Police: 110
    Emergency Rescue Tel: 112
    Country Code: +886
    Travel Information Hotline of Tourism Administration, MOTC: 0800-011765