Recommended Routes for Indigenous Tribes Sightseeing

Nanzhuang Miaoli: a visit to the mysterious Saisiyat Tribes

Schedule Features

1.     There are about 20 Saisiyat families within the Baguali Tribal Village. Their economic activities are mostly vegetables, bamboo forests, and private lodgings.
2.     There is a total of 20 families and more than 200 people in Donghe Village of Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County. It is currently the largest tribe of the Saisiyat Tribe.
3.     The Museum of Saisiyat Folklore is funded by the Council of Indigenous Peoples and built with budgets from the county government. Within the three-story architecture, the first floor is arranged into a collection space and riverside restaurant. The second floor is the lobby and themed displays, while the third floor includes administrative offices, display spaces, and tribal classrooms.
4.     The culture center provides travel information and cultural displays, with characteristic products, crafts, and agricultural products for sale. A coffee bar, food, and drinks are also available.


Recommended Route: A. Nanzhuang Old Street → B. Baguali Tribal Village → C. Dong-he Walo →D. Museum of Saisiyat Folklore → E. Xiangtian Lake

Guguan: A trip to Songhe Tribe of the Atayal Tribe Village

Guguan: A trip to Songhe Tribe of the Atayal Tribe Village