Yuanguang Temple

Among the temples of Lion’s Head Mountain, Yuanguang Temple is one located at the highest altitude. Located near the juncture of Hsinchu County and Miaoli County, it was built with natural rock cave. Originally named Shihyen Cave, it was opened by Monk Pujie on 1895 and was one of the founding temples of Lion’s Head Mountain. It was successively reconstructed to its present form. The temple worships Gautama Buddha, Guanyin and others.

Once you past Yuanguang Temple, you will be close to the peak of Lion’s Head Mountain and you can find a pavilion named “Moon Watching Pavilion” there. Given that this is the juncture of Hsinchu and Miaoli County, an eye-catching boundary monument is installed here. Most hikers will rest here to enjoy the breeze. Now we will enter Miaoli County and enjoy the beauty of the lion’s head.

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Last updated date:2018-10-26

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Scenic spot Info

  • Coordinate:
  • 121.012317, 24.642680
  • Tel:
  • 886-3-5809255
  • Open time:
  • 24H
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