Qingshuiyan Ecological Display Center

Beetle Arts Festival   
Qingshuiyan Ecological Display Center   
holds the Beetle Arts Festival in Qingshuiyan Recreation Area every year   
Shetou is the hometown of the hosiery, but “Rising Rock Ecological Display Center” collects abundant and precious insect specimens. It would become an important location for the ecological tourism along Bagua Mountains. Rising Rock Ecological Display Center was founded by tri-mountain National Scenic Center of Tourism Bureau, MOTC; Nantou Forest District Office, Forest Bureau of Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan; Changhua County Government; and Shetou Township Office. There are hundreds of precious insect specimens collected in Rising Rock Ecological Display Center, and Hung Chih Chang, a retired teacher, has donated almost one thousand his collections of specimens to the center for the permanent display, which completely records the education of the ecosystem conservation in Bagua Mountains.
The Qingshuiyan Ecological Display Center is also a good example of cooperation. The land of the Qingshuiyan Ecological Display Center was donated by Qingshuiyan temple, and Tri-mountain National Scenic Center of Tourism Bureau, MOTC, and the forestry Bureau of Agriculture Committee complemented the expenditure. In addition, the Changhua County Government has cooperated with the Shetou Township Office. The Shetou Township Office conducts operation management. Moreover, there are abundant ecological resources and recreational environments around Qingshuiyan in Shetou Township, which successfully integrates the surrounding sightseeing spots in Bagua Mountain. After opening, it can provide travel information services for Bagua Mountain and conducts ecological conservation.

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  • 120.61389340000005, 23.8863784
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