Local Specialties

Fruits, Vegetables


Lishan is the main pear production region with an elevation of 1500m above sea level. The temperature in the region is lower and has all the criteria for pears to blossom. Species like New Century, Fortune Water and Abundant Water are breeds that require a higher elevation for an optimal harvest.

 honey apple

The honey apple from Lishan looks unattractive to consumers, but it has significant sweetness near the core. It is not only the juice and crispy taste that distinguishes it, but also its pleasant fragrance. No other imported apples are fit to compare.

Three precious treasures of Wuling

Wuling Farm grows various vegetables and teas in different seasons. The White Peach, Honey Apple and summer vegetables are known as “Three precious treasures of Wuling”. In addition to that, Wuling Tea is quite well-known.

High-mountain Teas

High-mountain Teas

Fushou Evergreen Tea (also named President Tea) can be found at an elevation of 2500 meters. The tea leaves growing here are particularly tender and juicy, and it is chosen by every President as the drink served at the national banquet. The tea garden occupies 13.5 hectares which contain three species of tea, including the abundant Greenheart Oolong tea. The tea canister is green with a photo of the Tianchi and Takuan Pavilion. The Chinese character "Rung"(meaning honor) on the lid is the mark of a first rate tea. With only two harvest seasons a year and also its attractive aroma, the Fushou Evergreen Tea is always in demand.

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout is a fish in the high mountains. It only survives in clean and fresh water at 6-13˚C. Guguan has a mild climate and pure water from Dajia Creek; therefore, it is a perfect place to rear Rainbow Trout. Because of this, Rainbow Trout has become a specialty product of Guguan. Rainbow trout is called “The Lord of Fish” as it’s deemed the best among fresh water fishes due to its sweet and tender flesh and lack of unmanageable bones and strong odor.