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First Visit to Changqing Bikeway
Scenic Area: Changqing Bikeway Published Time: Publishing Type:Traveler's diary Publisher:A-Shin
Biking Tour (First Visit to Changqing Bikeway) | 15km Long, Full of Tung Flowers on the Sides during April and May, Almost Like Riding on Snow

For people who love biking, A-shin would like to recommend a biking route. This route is located in Changhua, the Changqing Bikeway. This is the first biking route ever done in Taiwan across from the forest park in Tianzhong Township to Hengshan Township. The total length is 15 km. If you like biking, you will definitely love it. Importantly, there is no traffic. During April and May, there are Tung Flowers on the sides of the road. Mountains of Tung Flowers are truly astonishing. Unfortunately, I did not have the luck to witness it this time.
My brother is a biking lover and likes to ride here and there. The route is also his favorite. The challenge is not that hard and is suitable for a relaxing journey. It goes to Houtanjing or Qing Shui Yan, Qingshuiyan Eco Exhibition Center. You can travel around while biking. What a great combination! The roads are flat, not muddy or bumpy. Sometimes, you may have chance to overlook beautiful scenes.
The season for Tung Flowers is during April and May. It is a shame that I came here too early and did not have the chance to see the white, snowy view. Anyways, it is quite relaxing to bike here.

Changqing Bikeway
Biking along the bikeway, there are many beautiful scenes in your view
Changqing Bikeway is 15 km long. I was not very familiar with it on my first try of the route. However, there is a route map and directory setup at a certain distance. When biking, the view around you keeps changing. In each section, you could enjoy the beautiful view from top to down so it was not boring at all. Sometimes, you may come to a fork in the road. I suggest you get more familiar with the route with more tries before you try to ride around to other places.
Changqing Bikeway is from the forest park at Tianzhong Township to Hengshan Township. Riding slowly, it could take you half a day. In addition, there is not much traffic so it is quite safe to ride on. If you are lucky, you will have Tung Flowers by the sides of the road and can enjoy the relaxing journey with a beautiful view.

Trail Map and Directory

Beautiful view from top down
Information of Changqing Bikeway
General: Ren'ai Senior Citizens' Home across the forest park at Tianzhong Township → Zeng Tien Temple → Qing Shui Yan → Hu Tien Temple at Shetou Township
Difficult: Take the off-road at Qing Shui → High slopes of mountain road → Hengshan Township
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