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To connect current tourism resources, Changhua County Government built the Baguashan Skywalk to enlarge the tourists’ range of Baguashan Great Buddha Scenic Area with the structure of points, lines and planes while connecting meridional attraction sites. This establishes the recreational feature of family ecological education, promotes the tourism development of Changhua County, and creates a more comfortable recreational environment for citizens.
The structure of the skywalk is made with light steel frames and has fence-like linear appearance. The skywalk crosses Guashan Road from above the sky and is built along the mountain from the location of the Great Buddha. Seven entrances/exits are installed along the 1005 meters skywalk. The maximum altitude of the skywalk reaches 16 meters while the majority of the skywalk is between 6 to 7 meters. From the Great Buddha of Baguashan, the landmark of Changhua, the skywalk stretches all the way to National Changhua Living Art Center while passing through attractions such as Lotus Pond Ecological Park, the Martyrs Shrine, baseball stadium, Changhua Arts High School and others. Along the way, visitors can enjoy both dynamic and static attractions, and historical and cultural sites. You not only can enjoy high altitude horizon, you can also walk along the woods and experience the ecological beauty of the wood’s crown layer. This “Sky Bridge” is the longest skywalk in Taiwan.

Text Source: Travel in Changhua
Trail Name Trail Length (M) Traveling Time (min.) Things to Pay Attention to Along the Way Traveling Reminders
Baguashan Skywalk 1005 30 Baguashan Mountain Ecological Tourist Center, National Changhua Living Art Center, the Martyrs Shrine, baseball stadium, Lotus Pond Ecological Park, Chenggong Camp, Great Buddha Scenic Area Remember to take sunscreen measures in summer and mosquito-repellent measures. Refrain from wearing high-heels when visiting

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The text source: Travel in Changhua County
1. Take the train to “Changhua Train Station”. After getting off at Changhua Train Station, transfer to a taxi to Baguashan Giant Buddha Scenic Area (about 2 km)
2. Take the train to “Changhua Train Station”. After getting off at Changhua Train Station, transfer to “Changhua Bus with the direction of Lukang (6900)”, which is at the diagonal front of Changhua Train. Get off at Zhongshan Road – Cultural Center Stop, which is near “Changhua County Library”, and then walk to Baguashan Giant Buddha Scenic Area.


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