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Siliq Trail   
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Ecological explanation   
Siliq Trail, which connects Plum Seeking Garden and Lansheng Building, is a 600-meter trail completely made out of environmental friendly construction method that does not cause damage to natural ecosystem. “Siliq” is the Atayal language of Gray-cheeked Fulvetta, the spiritual bird of fortunetelling for the Atayal people. The trail is filled with greens, its primitive forest has rich forest physiognomy, and has a variety of birds, insects and butterflies living in it. It is a forest trail filled with natural charm. Once you reach Lansheng Building, the goal of this trail, you can gaze into the horizon after climbing it to receive a different enjoyment! It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to go to and fro Siliq Trail. It is the best selection for hiking, ecological experiences, and becoming intimate with Mother Nature.
Trail Name Trail Length (M) Traveling Time Things to Pay Attention to Along the Way Traveling Reminders
Siliq Trail 600 30 Plum Seeking Garden and Warrior’s Camp are located on both ends of the trail Along the trail, you will encounter 2 cable suspension bridges. 1. It is recommended to wear no-slip shoes. For pregnant women, children and high blood pressure patients, please evaluate your health before visiting.
2. There are occasionally snakes and pests appearing in summer times. Please hike slowly and cautiously.

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