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To get a panoramic view of the Baguashan Scenic Area, first go to the north of Changhua City. The Baguashan Ecological Tourist Center is the visitor information station of this office in the Dafo Scenic Area. It offers interactive information on the ecological and wildlife of the area, as well as services for cyclists and guided tours of the Baguashan Scenic Area.

Fengshan Temple – Baiguoshan - Songboling Recreational Area Cycling Route Exchange Base

The Fengshan Temple of Zhangpuliao in Nantou is located in the middle of the Baguashan Ridge. Both southward from Changhua City and northward from Mingjian Township, cyclists will find the rest stops and meeting points for cyclists.


By word of mouth in cycling circles, Fengshan Temple has become an important base for the development of cycling in the central region. On weekends, a market pops up around the temple with people selling all kinds of cycling equipment, meals and agricultural produce. In response to the formation of a bicycle market, a bicycle shop has opened up next to Fengshan Temple, while the temple itself now also features an Bike Pit Stop offering tea and toilets, which riders availed themselves of every day.The square behind the temple is a popular meeting point for cycling groups, and also serves as the venue for cycling-related events. It can justly be called a key point for cyclists in the Baguashan area.

Songboling Recreational Area - Ershui Route - Recreational Forest and Tea Township

Songboling is a famous tea region in central Taiwan, known for its sweet and smooth teas, known by the epithet of Songbo Evergreen Tea. The Songboling Visitor Center offers tea-making experiences, tourist information, and displays on tea-making history and processes. Tea plantation panoramas, fragrant trails among the tea plantations, Qixing Chendi Park, Tea Health Park await visitors to explore the area by bike or on foot, to enjoy the facilities, the mountain views, and wholesome brews.

Traffic information

Public transportation

◎ Railway: Along the West Main Line (Changhua Station, Yuanlin Station, Tianjhong Station, Ershuei Station) alight at your station and take a Changhua Bus to your destination

◎ High Speed Rail: From Taichung High Speed Railway Station exit 3, take the community bus to Xinwuri Station. Alight at Changhua Station, and take a Changhua Bus to your destination

◎ Bus: The towns around this Scenic Area (Chuanghua, Yuanlin, Tianzhong, Ershuei) have shuttle bus connections by Chuanghua Bus.

By car

◎ Highway No. 1 Wangtian Interchange –Route 1 –Dafo Scenic Area - Baguashan Ecological Tourist Center - County Road 139 - Attractions along the route

◎ Highway No. 1 Changhua Interchange - Route 19 - Dafo Scenic Area - Baguashan Ecological Tourist Center - County Road 139 - Attractions along the route

◎ Highway No. 3 Express Interchange –Route 74 – Route 74A - County Road 139 - Attractions along the route

◎ Highway No. 3 Caotun Interchange - Route 14 – Route 14D – Baocang Temple - - County Road 148 - County Road 139 - Fengshan Temple

◎ Highway No. 1 or No. 3 –Route 76 – County Road 137 - Qingshuiyan

◎ Highway No. 3 Mingjian Interchange – Route 3 - County Road 139B - Songboling Visitor Center

◎ Highway No. 3 Mingjian Interchange - County Road 152 - Ershui Railway Station