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Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area
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Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area

Glamorous scenery in Tri-mountain, Travel in Tri-mountain with me

Tri-mountain National Scenic Area includes 3 scenic areas (Lion's Head Mountain, Lishan and Baguashan), which cover cities, countryside and alpine area. Please come with us to visit Tri-mountain, and fall in love with this down-to-earth yet ever-changing charming land.

Lion's Head Mountain


Lion's Head Mountain

Discover the beauty of nature and culture.

Water mirror of Emei Lake, remarkable blend of co-existing Hakka, indigenous and Han cultures and numerous native species of plants and animals.

About Lion's Head Mountain


The Heavenly Sweet Pears! It’s Time to Go to Lishan

It's always a good time to visit Lishan because there are special things to enjoy in every season: watching flowers, eating fresh fruits, admiring color-changing maple leaves and playing with snow.

About Lishan


Perfect Journey - Baguashan

Its most famous attraction is none other than the Baguashan Great Buddha. Other popular attractions include Baiguo Mountain Recreation Area, which is good for hiking, and Songboling Recreation Area, where cycling will give you tons of fun.

About Baguashan

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