Guguan Museum, a stopover for the journey to Guguan, is opened to the public. It creates a brand for the style of hot spring trip in Taiwan.



Guguan Museum


Our management office cooperates with the program of “PLUS 19 Taiwan Hot Springs” and proposes Guguan Visitor Center within our jurisdiction as the demonstration point. We invited well-known curators, Chen Hsuan-Cheng and Tsou Chun-Sheng, to spend half a year on reprofiling to dig out the features of local ecological resources in Guguan Hot Spring Area and to re-design the interior space in the visitor center as well as the software and hardware facilities for the surrounding trails. The visitor center was transformed into “Guguan Mesuem”, and it is opened as a completely new attraction today (7th) under the expectation and anticipation of tourism industry in Guguan. In the future, it will become the best stopover before visitors go into the mountains to explore Guguan or before their hot spring trip.



The Deputy Director in our office, Tsao Chung-Yue, highlighted that Guguan Visitor Center feels honored to be able to represent Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications becoming the first program demonstration point for “PLUS 19 Taiwan Hot Springs”. Guguan area possesses unique landscape of “mountains, mist, and frog” and abundant ecological and forest resources, plus the uniqueness and attraction in hot spring, delicacy, and indigenous culture. Through the introduction of artistic aesthetics, the organization of tourism resource context, and the support of local revitalization and value-added culture, the program uses the visitor center as the curating venue and re-designs and re-creates the surrounding traffic flow and indicators. Other than the existing functions of providing information and recreation, the visitor center will act as an important medium to provide extra profound experience of the charm in the local area for tourists who visit the hot spring town. We look forward to pouring whole-new elements into the historical brand of Guguan Hot Spring Area.



The Honorary Chairman of the Hot Spring Tourism Association Taichung City, Lo Chin-Chou, said that Guguan Visitor Center is located in the center of the hot spring area with numerous visitors on holidays as well as its specialty and importance. However, children’s play area was not sufficient in the indoor hot spring introduction and outdoor Guguan Hot Spring Park in the past. The newly designed Guguan Museum dedicates a special area inside for visitors of parents and children to read picture books and children’s books. We are hoping the more and more full-age-friendly recreational facilities will attract more young groups and visitors of parents and children to enjoy the hot spring in Guguan.


Visitor, Mr. Chen, also said that it was very lucky to be able to witness the refurbishment and re-opening of Guguan Museum. When entering the museum, visitors will immediately feel the novel and lively atmosphere and it is not as boring and dull as other museums. Each floor is distinguished by the introduction of local ecology and vegetation in Guguan. The minimalist style inside the museum is very cozy without pressure, and even children like it a lot and will not feel bored. The natural geographical advantages create extremely diverse animal and plant ecology in Guguan. When visiting Guguan, visitors not only can enjoy the hot spring with well-known spring quality all over Taiwan but also have the opportunity to experience the tourism resources of the four Atayal tribes, including  Songhe and Lilang. Besides, Solaiy Trail, Tefulan Trai, and Guguan Seven Mountain Trail are the must-visit routes for many mountain hikers as well as the cultural relics museum in Ta-Chia River Power Plant and Ma-An Dam Ecological Park are the excellent venues for environmental education about hydroelectric power and ecology in Tai-Chia  River. Famous local Bai-Leng popsicle, steamed meat bun, Taiwan pine juice, and sturgeon cuisine are waiting for tourists! More information about Guguan Museum and the travelling in Guguan can be found on our official website or Facebook Page.