In detail: The Taichung City Lishan Guest House is located in the center of Lishan Village. It is the oldest hotels in the area, and its antique appearance makes it a landmark along the Central Cross-Island Highway.

The Lishan Guest House in the Lishan Mountain Scenic Area was built in 1965. The newly opened Central Cross-Island Highway brought in many tourists, including many from overseas.

At that time, the Veterans Affairs Commission wished to improve the international image of Lishan, and therefore built the Lishan Guest House in faux-antique palace-style, which opened in 1971.

The Lishan Guest House is run by the Fushoushan Farm under the Veterans Affairs Commission. Today the guest house area comprises the Main Hall, Main Building, Summer Mansion, Honeymoon Villa, and Branch Building. This hotel used to be one of Chiang Kai-shek’s summer villas. In his absence, the palace served as accommodations for people.


The Lishan Guest House was devastated by the Jiji Earthquake in 1999 and typhoon Mindulle in 2004. The guest house suspended operations in 2000, and after more than a decade of neglect the place had lost its luster. While nearby the Wuling Farm and Fushoushan in the Lishan Scenic Area were filled with visitors, the centrally located 100-room guest house nevertheless did not attract those kinds of crowds.


In 2004, the Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area Administration assumed management of the Lishan Guest House and added local folklore resources. On 9 August 2011, the Lishan Guest House Management Co., Ltd. took over operations, which officially commenced in December 2012 after the renovation had been completed. The guest house has 97 rooms. The guest house is connected with the Four Seasons Flower Garden, Lishan Gardens, and the Lishan Ecological Trail to Fushoushan Farm. With its unique elegance, the hotel now stands as the most characteristic high-mountain resort area in Taiwan.

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The Central Cross-Island Highway (Highway No. 8) runs for 194 kilometers from Guguan to Hualien and Taroko Gorge. Along the highway sit such tourist attractions as: Guguan, Lishan, Guanyuan, Biyuan, Tianxiang, and Taroko Gorge.

Lishan Guest House

Lishan's landmark,Lishan Guest House was one of Chiang Kai-shek's summer villas. Chiang would come here to avoid the summer heat. Because Chiang stayed here often, a flower garden and a large tract of primal forest were laid out behind the villa. This was Chiang's royal backyard, forbidden for anyone to enter. After his passing away, the garden decayed as it was untended. Grass, bushes, and trees withered away, yet the primeval forest flourished.