Tri-Mountain Terrain Landscapes

Lion's Head Mountain

This scenic area is located at the border of Hsinchu County and Miaoli County, the buffer zone where hills become mountains. The terrain can be roughly divided into fluvial terrace, highland and mountain land.

The geology of this scenic area belongs to the “Western Foothills Belt Geological Zone”, composed of Oligocene and new Tertiary Period Geosynclinal basin on the west of the Central Mountain Range. It is separated by the Chuchih fault and the ancient Tertiary Period as well as Miocene mild metamorphic stratum of the Central Mountain Range. It mainly comprises of alternating layers of sandstone and shale, which easily forms into bluffs.


This region belongs to Dajia River drainage basin featuring diversified river terrains with magnificent cliffs, bizarre rocks, and rock patch along the coast, offering abundant river bank landscapes that make people praise about the uncanny workmanship. Many fault river terrace waterfalls are due to the large differences between tributaries of Dajia River in the periphery of Heping and Lileng of the west section of Central Cross-Island Highway.

This area is surrounded by famous mountains. Besides being a popular route for mountaineering activities, admiring the high mountain terrain landscapes is also a feature in this area. For instance, visitors climbing up the Basianshan region will be able to overlook Yushan Mountain Range, Nenggao, and Qilai Mountain,  while visitors on Lishan can overlook Jianshan, Jiayangshan, Dasyueshan and Taoshan, etc.  Visitors on Fushoushan can overlook Jiayangshan, Dajianshan and Syueshan on the north, as well as the Hehuan mountains on the south. Huanshan, as suggested by its name, is a village embraced by the Syueshan mountain system and Nanhu mountain system, where mountain views can be enjoyed along the way.

【Location】:Unique terrain

【Sihyuan】:Division in valley and stream capture terrain landscape

【Huanshan】:Meandering terrain

【Songmao】:Meander core terrain

【Lishan】:Ecktreppe terrain

【Jiayang】:Amphitheater river terrace, alluvial fan

【Cingshan-Deji】:Shoulder ridge, gorge terrain (Dengsian Gorge)

【Guguan River Terrace】:Jiouliangci fluvial terrace, Halong fluvial terrace, Halong lateritic terrace, Jiabao lateritic terrace, Guguan lateritic terrace


Longzaitou Shanben Scenic Area features magnificent sceneries with gradual slope. With Route 139 scenic route crossing the ridge of Mt. Bagua, the views along the way are excellent, featuring Hengshan bluff, Longzaitou mountains and Mingjian tableland as the landscape characteristics of the terrain within this region. Due to the linear direction terrain of Central Mountain within this scenic area, the various river systems are directed to the east and the west from the central ridge, and the creeks within the area mainly extend towards the east and the west, roughly parallel to each other. A minority of the creeks travel from the northwest towards the southeast to erode geological structure cracks, including the three water systems of Wu River, Maoluo River and Jhuoshuei River.