Free Buzzard in Mt. Bagua


How did Chunnao come to know that the gray-faced eagle reported?

2019 The Free Buzzard in Mt. Bagua to study together, the ecological interest in [3/16, 3/17] lively debut! I hope that you can swim with the shallow mountain animals in the lowest carbon way~

What? You said that the content of each activity is so rich, you can't remember it! The following will help you sort out the super practical activity lazy bag, take notes.

Location: Bagua Mountain ecosystems Visitor Center

            . Little Grey’s Creative Monopoly Market, the 8th Taiwan Wild Hope International Nature Film Festival

            . 3/16 concert

            . 3/16, 3/17 Little Grey’s Creative Monopoly Market

Location: Buzzardview Trail

            . Buzzardview Trail Eco Trail & Buzzardview Trail

            . Eco-guided explanation (reservation required)

            . Parent-child theater

            . Eagle narration

Location: National Association for the aesthetic life Museum

            . 3/21~4/07 The Spirit of the Free Buzzard Season-A Wild Bird Paper Art Exhibition by Wang Wei-wen (Chenhua Bird Club)

            . 3/22(5) The Spirit of the Free Buzzard Season-A Wild Bird Paper Art Exhibition by Wang Wei-wen and Opening Ceremony

Location: Changhua City

            . Roaming on the half-line shuttle bus, this is the project of the Changhua Bird Club (unscheduled trains❗surprise)

Registration method: Contact the travel agent (04) 7282972

Special plan!

Little Gray Tournament Fun Collection Graffiti

Period of collection activities: 3/16~5/16 (8 weeks)

Lottery announcement time: 5/20

Through the chapter collection activities, the people will carry out the deep travel of Changhua, understand the local culture and characteristics, and connect the Bagua Mountain Ecology Visitor Center, the Big Buddha Scenic Area Visitor Center, the Changhua Railway Station Tourist Service Center and the 4 places of interest such as the Love Litchi Park. During the event, the collection activities will be held at each attraction. After the specified content is completed, the designated inbox will be put into the designated inbox. The prizes are limited to "Big Buddha Coin Purse" and "Little Gray Tote Bag".

Activity steps:

• Collect stamps from designated store or sightseeing spots (4) with event stamps

• Completed and placed in the inbox of the Bagua Mountain Ecotourism Center

• Complete the event and wait for the draw

• 5/17 takes the inbox back and seals it back. After checking the information, the person will draw the prize online and send the gift.

Special plan!

Double Eagle Play Card Event

Activity period: 3/16~5/16 (8 weeks)

Prize: 100 raccoon neck pillows, provided by the Senshan National Scenic Area Administration

Through the punching activities, the two-eagle joint marketing will enable the people to actually go to the Guanyinshan Visitor Center of the North Coast National Scenic Area Management Office and the Bagua Mountain Ecological Visitor Center of the Sanshan National Scenic Area Management Office, and experience the two gray-faced eagle crossing locations in the north and the central part. From the sensation of the eagle and the falling eagle, visit the two eagle engravings (such as photos), take photos and upload the official FB fan pages of the two National Scenic Area Management Offices, which will be owned by the Senshan National Scenic Area Administration. The limited number of raccoon neck pillows provided, the number of 100, the top 100 people who completed the two punches, you can have prizes. 

Oh! A limited number, while supplies last!

Activity steps:

                • To the Guanyinshan Visitor Center in front of the Double Eagle Xiangqi installation art (inscription), with the bronze sculpture, and upload the view fan group                     Happy North Coast

                • To the Bagua Mountain Eco-tourist Center in front of the Double Eagle Xiangqi installation art (Yang-cut), photo with bronze sculptures,

                   and upload the fan-specific information of the Samsan National Scenic Area

                • Upload two photos and press to complete the event

                • The top 100 will receive the "Raccoon Neck Pillow" (provided by the Sanshan National Scenic Area Administration)

                • After the winners are announced by two fan pages, they will send the gifts after contacting the basic information.

To be continued...

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Stepping on the footsteps of spring~

Welcome 3/16, 17 to take the free shuttle bus to the mountain to enjoy the eagle!

Grey-faced buzzard is a type of migratory bird, breeding in places including Siberia, northeast China, Japan and North Korea, and head towards the Philippines, the South Sea Islands and the Indo-China Peninsula for winter in October every year. Insects and amphibians are the staple food, and they often inhabit at medium-low sea level mountains. When staying still, they often rest on tree trunks or columns not far from the ground. They fly in straight line or along the upcurrent to proceed tornado-hovering with very little flapping of wings. They would gather in flocks during transit to offer a majestic phenomenon. Their calls are “jiji” sounds with a lower pitch in the beginning and a higher pitch in the end.

The migratory route for grey-faced buzzards is restricted to the southeast of the Asian region. When going southbound for the winter during the fall season, they would head south from breeding places including Japan, Siberia, and northeast China, passing through Manzhou Township of Hengchun Peninsula, then towards Southeast Asia and the South Seas. When returning to the north for spring, there are upcurrents suitable for hovering at the Mt. Bagua Buddha Scenic Area and Mt. Dadu region on the route returning to the north, therefore they often stay and rest here.