Baguali Village

Address: No.8, 11th Neighborhood, Baguali, Penglai Village, Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County (around 38.6Km of Miao 124 County Road)
Tel: 037-822870
GPS: (N)24°31'37.9"/(E)120°57'36.6"

Baguali Community is a village belonging to the Saisiyat Tribe, which currently has approximately 20 households. Since there is a total of eight mountains counting southwards from this location, this place was known as “Hakaliki” during the Japanese Ruling Period, meaning “Eight Mountains”. After restoration, the village was named using this homophone. In the Baguali Cultural Area, there are restaurants, B&B, as well as a display and sale center for Saisiyat people’s craftworks in addition to performances of original dancing and singing from Saisiyat people. Wish to experience the authentic indigenous people’s culture? This is the place to visit!