Lishan - Fushoushan Route - Flowers and Tea Among the Clouds

The Lishan Scenic Area is located amid the peaks of Huhuanshan and Xueshan. The area has four distinct seasons withbreath-taking morning fogs, and is a high-mountain agricultural area with a temperate climate known for the excellent produce from its fruit trees.Lishan's central location is accessible from Yilan in the north via Highway No. 7A, from central Taiwan via Highway No. 14 and onward to Highway No. 8, and from the east via Highway No. 8, which starts from Taroko Gorge.As all major cities are more than 200 km away, long-distance travelers that choose accommodations on Lishan, Fushoushan Farm, and Wuling Farm, to prepare well for the trip.

Lishan –Huanshan Village Rote –Mountain Fruit and Vegetables

The Central Cross-Island Highway and its Yilan branch was built by soldiers and retired officers of the national government. Many risked their lives in the process, and some indeed sacrificed their lives to build this stunning marvel of mountain highway engineering. Highway No. 7 from Lishan to Yilan runs through the central mountains. The misty mountains are like a paradise on earth. With every twist and turn, rise and drop, the road offers challenges and rewards in equal breathtaking measure. Many seasoned travelers return with true awe from this road and landscape.

Guguan –Baileng Route -Dajia River Hot Springs Township

The western leg of Highway No. 8 toward Guguan offers views on the Daijia River bed, which can be a small stream or a roaring river depending on the season, while on the other side towers Baxianshan, 1,000 meters high. The course of the Central Cross-Island Highway, connecting Yilan with Hualien was excavated across rivers and mountains.The upper reaches include the Deji Reservoir, the Qingshan Reservoir and other water storage areas. It is an important hydropower base in central Taiwan.The Tianlun branch power plant of the Dajia power plant, in Bailling, uses the elevation difference to generate electricity. On appointment, people can join tours around the power plant learn how the power of the Dajia River is harnessed to power Taiwan.The employee cooperative of the power plant manufactures popsicles from pure mountain water. The popsicles with their fresh and simple taste of yesteryear have turned the power plant into a popular rest stop for travelers toward and from Guguan.

Traffic information

Public transportation

◎ Yilan (Kuo Kuang Bus) → Datong → Nanshan Village → Wuling Farm → Lishan (about 4 hours)

◎ Taichung (Fengyuan Bus) → Dongshi → Puli → Wushe → Qingjing Farm → Dayuling → Lishan (about 6 hours)

◎ Hualien (Hualien Bus) → Xincheng → Taroko Visitor Center → Tianxiang → Dayuling → Lishan (about 5 hours)

◎ Taichung (Fengyuan Bus) → Fengyuan → Dongshi → Guguan (about 2 hours)

By car

◎ Central, South → Highway No. 3 →Highway No. 6 → Route 14 → Route 14A to Wushe→ Dayuling → Route No. 8 (Central Cross-Island Highway) → Lishan

◎ Taipei → Highway No. 5 → Toucheng → Highway No. 7 to Yilan → Highway No. 7A to Qilan → Siyuan Pass → Wuling Farm → Lishan

◎ Hualien → Taroko National Park → Dayuling → Highway No. 8 → Lishan

◎ Highway No. 1, Highway No. 3 → Highway No. 4 Shigang Interchange → Dongshi → Highway No. 8 → Guguan

Road conditions and traffic measures

◎ Central Cross-Island Highway (Highway No. 8): Tel 04-25951224 (Guguan Public Works) 03-8691311 ~ 2 (Luoshao Public Works)

◎ Yilan leg of Highway No. 7A: Tel: 03-9809601 (Dulishan Public Works)

◎ Highway No. 14 A: Tel: (049) 298-2066 (Puli Public Works)