Lion's Head Mountain

Shishan - Beipu Route - Book a Hakka feast

The Shishan Visitor Center, the former and remodeled Shishan Junior High School, is the tourist information center for the Shishan area. The old teachers' dormitory next to the visitor center has been converted into a tea lounge with the motto “Rest thy weary heart under the Bodhi tree”. The lounge serves Hakka-style snacks and meals such as lai-cha (raw tea), Hakka mochi (sticky rice cakes), and Oriental Beauty tea. The fine food and the gorgeous landscape make this an attractive rest stop.The tea lounge is a popular gathering place during thr Hakka Tung Blossom festival which is held only in May every year. The building is surrounded by a tung trees, which, when in full bloom, envelope the space in white fragrant clouds of tung flowers and cover the ground with their pretty white petals. As romantic as things can get.Near the visitors center you will find Shishan Road, Liuliao Old Trail, Shuilian Cave Old Trail, among others, which lead to ShitoushanGusha Temple, a popular destination for mountain hikers.

Beipu Cold Springs - NanzhuangRoute - Preserving a Pristine Habitat

The Wuzhishan Recreation Area climbing challenge. The Wuzhishanmountains standtall where the three Hsinchu County townships of Beipu, Zhudong, and Wufeng meet. These forest-clad mountains are filled with wafting of incense from temples and shrines dotting the land. This fusion of pristine nature and simple worship is what attracts so many mountaineers and cyclists to the area. You too can enjoy the views of the wilderness and take in the panorama of Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli all from one vantage point.

Nanchuang–Sanwan Route -Old Street Renaissance

Nostalgic Nanzhuang Old Streets.Nanzhuang's prosperity was built on mining, and of late, it has become a popular destination for tourists looking for nostalgia. Of old, Taiwanese, Hakka, Atayal, and Saisiyat have lived together in and around this town, each preserving their unique traditions.Landmark buildings from the Japanese era have been beautifully preserved. The Old Streets include such places as Osmanthus Lane, ShuibiantouXishankeng, and the Nanzhuang Theater, which is packed on weekends, as well as handmade noodle shops, osmanthus-flavored glutinous rice balls. Tasty food and gifts galore.

Sanwan- Emei Lake –Shishan route - Lakes, Hills, and Teas

Shantangbei TrailSimplicty and quietude Shantangbei is a valley between the three villages of Sanwan, Tongjing, and Daheu. The earliest inhabitants here dug out fishponds and irrigation systems for their farmlands to build their life here.The Shantangbei Trail follows the mountain ridges. Its entrance can be found at the 97.7 km mark along Highway No. 3. The circular medium-level climbing trail is about 5 km long and requires 1-2 hours to complete. Along the trail one can see the Hakka Sheuizhenxishanchang, the remnants of the Pak-kung-miao, as well as large fish ponds, bamboo groves, tong trees, orchards, and much more mountain farmlands and untouched nature.

Nanzhuang–Baguali, Xiangtian Lake, Luchang Village Route -ASaisiyat Arcadia

Happiness at NanjiangVillage Nestled between the mountains and the river, NanzhuangVillage has all the right conditions for abundant agriculture and forestry. Conveniently situated along County Highway No. 124, Nanjiang has also developed into a popular leisure tourism destination. The place is also a hub in the trout farming industry.Leisure agriculture has given rise to restaurants, leisure farms, and countryside hotels, where tourists can pick fruit, drinkgourmet coffee, enjoy a trout meal, and other pastoral pleasures. Nanjhuang has much to offer and is worth the trip.

Traffic information

Public transportation

◎ Hsinchu Bus Station (Shanzhu Line: Zhutong-Beipu, Emei) (Shishan Line: Zhudong-Beipu, Emei, Shishan)

◎ Miaoli Bus Terminal (Hsinchu - Nanzhuang, Shitoushan), Miaoli Bus Nanzhuang - Xianshan (via Penglai), Nanzhuang - Donghe

◎ Hsinchu High Speed Railway Station → First Floor Main Hall Exit 4→ Platform 6 → Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Shishan Line.

◎ Taiwan Tourist Shuttle (stops as published on

◎ Nanzhuang Line ◎ Xiangtian Lake Line ◎ Xianshan Line ◎ Shishan Line

By car

◎ Highway No. 1Toufen interchange ─County Road 124 toward Shanzhu Lake –Highway No. 3 northbound─ Emei–Hsinchu County Road County Road 124) ─ Shishan Visitor Center

◎ Highway No. 1 Toufen interchange ─County Road 124 toward Shanzhu Lake – Highway No.3 Emei, Beipu

◎ Highway No. 3 Zhulin Interchange - County Road 120 to Zhudong-Highway No. 3 - Zhudong, Beipu, Emei

◎ Highway No. 1 ToufenInterchange - County Road 124 to Shanzhu Lake –Highway No. 3 southbound San Wan –County Road 124 - Sanwan, Nanzhuang