Indigenous Tourism Introduction

Indigenous peoples are the earliest inhabitants of Taiwan, each with their own living areas, unique lifestyles, arts and crafts, and festivals. They also developed a variety of cuisines in response to theirspecific needs and preferences. In this area, indigenous people live mainly in Shitoushan's Nanzhuang Township, Guguan Area's Songhe Village, and Lishan Area's Huanshan Village, Nanzhuang has many Saisiyat people and some Atayal as well. Guguan and Lishan are most representative of the Atayal tribe.

Miaoli Nanzhuang – A journey into Saisiyat culture

1. Guihuaxiang (Osmanthus Lane) is famous for the noodle shop it is home to. Later, to preserve the traditional culture of this neighborhood, these old lanes and alleys were rechristened as Guihua (Osmanthus) Community. Besides handmade noodles, the community also houses eateries that offer osmanthus-flavored glutinous rice balls and Hakka cuisine that are definitely worth a try.


2.The 20 families in this community are all of the Saisiyat tribe, whose main economic activities are vegetable farming, bamboo forestry, and tourist hostels.


3.A cultural center provides tourist information and a small cultural exhibition, as well as sales of special craft products, agricultural produce. The center also has a coffee counter that serves light meals and drinks.


4.The Saisiyat Folklore Museum was built with funding from the county government, and its operations are funded by the Council for Indigenous Peoples. The first floor of the three-storey building houses an exhibition space and a lakeside restaurant. The second floor consists of an auditorium and features theme exhibitions, while the third houses administrative offices, another exhibition area, and seminar rooms.


5.Located in Donghe Village, Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County, these 20households total about 200 people. It is the largest Saisiyat village.

Guguan - Atayal Songhe Tribe Tour

The Songhe tribe has lived in the Guguan area for over a century, and they call this village Dufulan, which means “land with dense forest, abundant water, and fertile soil”. The village actively promotes Atayal culture.A little farther on lies the famous Guguan Hot Springs Area. So, besides soaking up some Atayal culture, be sure to relax your body and soul in the wholesome hot springs of Guguan!

Lishan –Trip to Huanshan Village in the beautiful Lishan mountains

Located in the lush Lishanmountains, indigenousHuanshan Village awaits you to share the bounties of its beautiful surroundings. Along the mountain road toward the village, you'll find the Lishan Hotel, Fushoushan Leisure Farm, Tianchi Lake and other charming places. Higher up you'll arrive at Huanshan Village, which takes its name from the fact that it is “surrounded by mountains”. This is the most remote Atayal Village in Heping District of Taichung City. The pride of the village is the Atayal Heritage Center, founded by Lady ChanHsiuMei, an Atayal princess. Anyone visiting the area should experience this slice of paradise.When you're tired from sightseeing, go to Wuling Farm, a Garden of Eden with red-leaved maple trees in autumn. The farm has cabins and a hotel with views on the stunning surroundings. Kick back and relax!