Donghe Walo

Donghe Walo   
Donghe Walo   
Donghe Walo   
Walo Tribe is located in Nanjhuang Township of Miaoli County, and its area is about 76 square kilometers. There are abundant diverse cultures and several tribes in Walo, including Saisiyat’s tribes at Shiantian Lake, Tawo Mountain, Dajhuwei, Hororok, and Donghe etc.
Tayal’s tribes are located in Luchang, Luhu, Shibi, and Donghe. As for Hakkasan, they live in Hengpingbei, Luailiao, and Donghe, etc. There are a total of 347 households and about 1325 people.
Donghe Walo is located near Donghe Suspension Bridge, and it was a local police station in 1924. It was disused after 1984, and through local populace’s endeavor in 2005, CIP-Council of Indigenous People subsidized to rebuild it into the current conspicuous Japanese wooden building.
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Public transportation:
Bus: TW Tourist Shuttle – Shiantian Lake Line
Driving route:
Miaoli Country Road No. 21 to the direction of Nanchuang Downtown, which is the necessary road lead to Shiantian Lake, Luchang, and other famous scenery spots, which are located near Donghe Suspension Bridge.
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  • 121.04105070367427, 24.598907982949633
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  • 886-3-7823050
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  • 24H
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