Wanfo Temple

Wanfo Temple   
The shrine of this temple is set into a cave; therefore, natural spring water flows out from underneath the shrine. The sweet cool water is refreshing and the sculptures of child monks make this place very friendly and welcoming to visitors.

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Traffic information

By public transportation:
Hsinchu Bus: Shishan Line (Shanzhu Lake》 Shishan or Zhudong》 Shishan Trail Entrance)
By driving:
1 National Highway No. 1 Zhubei Interchange》 Guangming 6th Road》 County 117 Expressway》 Tai 68 Expressway》 Tai 3 Expressway》 Hsinchu 41 Expressway.
2 National Highway No. 3 Zhulin Interchange》 County 120 Expressway》 County 123 Expressway》 County 122 Expressway》 Tai 3 Expressway》 Hsinchu 41 Expressway.
GPS: N 24 39 8.9   E 121   1  24.0
Last updated date:2017-11-03

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Scenic spot Info

  • Coordinate:
  • 121.021478, 24.646308
  • Tel:
  • 886-3-5800065
  • Open time:
  • 24H
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