Tengping Trail

Tengping Trail   
Proceed from the right side of Lion’s Head Mountain Tourist Center’s door and walk along the hill to enter Tengping Ecological Park. The park contains more than 50 species of vines, such as rusty-leaf muuna, soap-bark vine and others. It also contains more than 80 species of ferns, such as Tectaria fauriei Tagawa, making it an ideal self-guiding ecological education park. Its perimeter is around 2000 meters in length and takes about 1 hour to travel. To reach its inner circle path, walk along the small path at the right hand side of the bird observation deck. This inner circle path is around 1200 meters in length and takes about 60 minutes.
Trail Name Trail Length (M) Traveling Time (min.) Things to Pay Attention to Along the Way Traveling Reminders
Tengping Trail 1200 60 Lion’s Head Mountain Tourist Center and Liouliao Old Trail are located at both ends of the trail. 4 observation platforms can be seen along the way. 1. Slopes are relatively steep on parts of the trail. Please evaluate your strength before visiting.
2. Beware of things above and be careful of your head.

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Traffic information

By public transportation:
Hsinchu Bus: Shishan Line (Shanzhu Lake ► Shishan or Zhudong ► Shishan; walk up-hills through the trail entrance by the Shishan Visitor Information Center)
By driving:
1 National Highway No. 1 Zhubei Interchange ►Guangming 6th Road ► County 117 Expressway ► Tai 68 Expressway ► Tai 3 Expressway ► Hsinchu 41 Expressway.
2 National Highway No. 3 Zhulin Interchange ► County 120 Expressway ► County 123 Expressway ► County 122 Expressway ► Tai 3 Expressway ► Hsinchu 41 Expressway.
GPS: N  24  38  56.6  , E  121  01  38.4
Last updated date:2018-11-19

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  • Coordinate:
  • 121.026373, 24.651819
  • Tel:
  • 886-3-5809296
  • Open time:
  • 24H
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