Jueran Pagoda

Lion’s Head Scenic Area is beloved by tourists due to its historical temples and hiking trails. The most common trail taken by hikers is going upwards after entering Lion’s Tail Hiking Entrance. You will encounter 6 Buddhist temples, including Wan Feuh An, Lingsia Cave, Jingang Temple, Jueran Pagoda (a 3-storey building), Haihuei An and Yuanguang Temple, along the way. Each temple is filled with architecture features of inside natural stone caves and is also filled with historical relics from the Japanese Colonial Era.

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Last updated date:2018-10-31

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Scenic spot Info

  • Coordinate:
  • 121.014673, 24.644448
  • Tel:
  • 886-3-5809296
  • Open time:
  • 24h
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