1956 Maple Valley

1956 Maple Valley   
Maple Leaf   
1956 Maple Valley   
1956 Maple Valley 's Vision   
1956 Maple Valley   
Maple Leaf   
Elevation (Altitude): 1956 M
“1956 Maple Valley” (originally named Four Season Flower Watching Park) was reorganized by Tri-mountain National Scenic Area Administration in 2013 and 2014 and renamed after its altitude of 1956 meters. It is located 50 meters in front of Lishan Guest House and below the Zhongzheng Road roundabout of Taiwan Highway No. 8.

Various kinds of flowers, trees and plants are planted along the mountain. Visitors can enjoy maples both in autumn and spring, given that Red Nanmu and Hairy Japanese Maple both germinates red shoots in spring while the leave of Purple Maple are in dark red color throughout the year. As for Taiwan Buerger Maple and Green Maple, although they are in light green color by spring, they look adorably beautiful. When visitors approach Lishan from Taiwan Highway No. 7A, they can look down at this park filled with red.

The predecessor of 1956 Maple Valley was Lishan National Hostel. When the Central Cross-island Highway was opened in the early days, this place was a major relay station. Therefore, hotels for tourists were built here due to increasing accommodation demand. Later on, given that the hotel was located on stratum slip area, it ceased business due to safety concerns.

It wasn’t until 2003, when Tri-mountain National Scenic Area Administration reorganized this place into Four Season Flower Watching Park and planted various kinds of flowers, trees and plants along the mountain, that it was once again created into another beautiful attraction site for Lishan. When the flowers are in full blossom, it provides tourists with an eye-catching great attraction site. Visitors can enjoy its beautiful features due to seasonal change at the park when visiting in different seasons.

To provide visitors with an outstanding and enriched traveling environment, Lishan has added many installations, such as the “Five Blessing Bell” that symbolizes the fulfillment of 5 blessing including family, career, love, wealth and health, an observation deck for visitors to overlook the Holy Ridgeline of Daxue Mountains and Central Range Mountains, a “Rainbow Fence Wall” that represents the combination of Atayal symbols and the seasonal landscapes and products of Lishan, a “Suikin Area” that provides a resonating vibration for the soul and mountain, a “Wisteria Shelf” that helps visitors to further understand the culture of Atayal aborigines, “Star Watching Chair” for admiring the beauty of stars and many other sight-seeing facilities and special plants.

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Traffic information

By public transportation:
1. King Bus: Ilan to Lishan (two buses a day 07.00am and 12.40pm): The bus takes 4 hours to arrive at the Lishan Guesthouse; take a walk for around 30 to 45 minutes. 2. Fengyuan Bus Co.: Taichung to Lishan (one bus per day 08.00am); this bus takes around 6 hours to reach Lishan Guesthouse; take a walk of 30 to 45 minutes after bus to reach the destination. 3. Hualien Bus Co.: Hualien to Lishan (one bus per day at 08.00am); this bus takes around 4 hours to arrive at Lishan Guesthouse; take a walk for 30 to 45 minutes to reach the destination.
By driving:
1 National Highway No. 3 (214km mark of the Wufeng System)→ National Highway No. 6 (eastward 37km mark Puli end)→ Tai 14 Expressway (towards Wushe)→ Tai 14A Expressway)→ Tai 8 Expressway (Central Cross-Taiwan Expressway)→ Lishan→ Fushoushan Farm directiion 2km mark (No. 14, Fushou Road). 2 From Taipei (National highway No. 5, Tai 9 Expressway via Taipei-Iland Expressway, Tai 11 Expressway via the Coastal Expressway→ Toucheng→ Ilan (Tai 7 Expressway)→ Qilan (Tai 7A Expressway)→ Siyuan Pass→ Wuling Farm→ Lishan→ Fushoushan Farm direction 2km mark (No. 14 Fushou Road). 3 From Hualien (Tai 8 Expressway)→Taroko →Dayuling →Lishan →Fushoushan Farm direction 2km mark (No. 14 Fushou Road).Lishan Guesthouse→ take a 5 to 10 minute walk from the roundabout.
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  • 121.14999999999998, 24.2666667
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  • 24h
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