Experience DIY at Shibi Dyeing and Weaving Worksho

Experience DIY at Shibi Dyeing and Weaving Worksho   
Shu Li Lin, the owner of the weaving workshop, started to learn the traditional weaving skill of Taiyal after marrying into Shibi Tribe from a foreign place. She is skilled at picking silk from ramie, picking colors from plants, weaving the cloth with the loom and other traditional skills, and she also founded the workshop to positively promote these traditional skills. Visitors can experience DIYs, such as the plant dyeing, color weaving, and Loom-woven Painting, and enjoy the service of the coffee shop and B&B.

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Last updated date:2017-11-06

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  • Coordinate:
  • 121.043085, 24.573343
  • Tel:
  • 886-3-7821255
  • Open time:
  • 09:00~17:00
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