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Baguashan Ecological Visitor Center   
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Ecological explanation   
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Close to the Tri-Mountain Buddha Landscape, the Baguashan Ecological Visitor Center was opened on March 17, 2001. Around the spring equinox in March each year, the center highlights the Grey-Faced Buzzards that fly back north or make a foraging stop in the Baguashan area. The Center also offers information on wildlife and plant life in the area. It houses the country’s first Grey-Faced Buzzard Theme Pavillion, which displays a collection of ecological records of these fascinating birds.
The grey-faced buzzard is a strong bird of prey living at the top of the food chain. Every spring, when the weather up north turns gentle again, around the time of the spring equinox or Tomb Sweeping Festival (Qingming Festival, early April), the Grey-Faced Buzzards will fly north back to their breeding grounds. They pass by Baguashan Scenic Area, the Dadu Mountains, and other environs and may take a rest there. This has given rise to the bird’s popular names, such as Southern Eagle, Qingming Bird, and Tomb Sweeping Bird. When towards winter the weather turns cold again, the grey-faced buzzards will start flying south once more around Taiwan’s National Day (October 10), and they will pass by Manzhou Township of Kenting City in the very south of Taiwan, which has given rise to the names National Day Bird and Manzhou Bird.
The Centre’s façade features a relief of grey-faced buzzards created by local artist Wang Chen Wen. The enlarged sculptures of the grey-faced buzzards invite visitors into the Grey-Faced Buzzard Theme Pavilion and make people aware that the theme is the Grey-Faced Buzzard. This is also a popular spot for young and old to take pictures for their Facebook pages.

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