Nanzhuang Old Street

Nanzhuang Township is located at northeastern Miaoli County. It was a mining town in its early days and used to be a prosperous place. Most attractions of Nanzhuang Old Street are concentrated at Zhongzheng Road and its nearby alleys around Yungchang Temple. Its greatest attraction lies at its thick nostalgic Hakka atmosphere.
Osmanthus Alley. It gained this name because there was a well-known historical noodle shop named “Osmanthus Alley” at the entrance of the alley. Later on, to preserve traditional culture around the neighborhood, these old streets were organized as Osmanthus Alley Community. Besides handmade noodles, iced osmanthus glutinous rice balls and Hakka gourmets are all worthy of tasting.

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Traffic information

By public transportation:
Railway: alight at Zhunan Station► t to Miaoli Bus Co. Line► Nanzhuang. Bus: alight at Toufen Zhunan Station► t to Miaoli Bus Co. Line► Nanzhuang
By driving:
Southbound: National Highway No. 1► Toufen Interchange► Tai 3 Expressway► Shanzhu Lake► Sanwan► County 124A Expressway► Longmenkou► Nanzhuang. Northbound: Miaoli, Gongguan Interchange southbound exit► Tai 6 Expressway► Shitan► Miaoli 124A► Xianshan► Baguali► Nanzhuang.
GPS: N  24  35  55.2 , E  120  59   55.2
Last updated date:2018-10-25

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Scenic spot Info

  • Coordinate:
  • 120.998767, 24.599694
  • Tel:
  • 886-3-7824553
  • Open time:
  • 24h
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