Fun Folk Cultures in Baguashan

Highlights- 【Days / 2】

Fun Folk Cultures in Baguashan

Take a pilgrimage through the temples of Baguashan.

Itinerary : Day 1

Attractions1 Attractions2
Great Buddha Scenic Area Hushanyan Temple  
Great Buddha Scenic Area 15 min by car Hushanyan Temple 15 min by car  

Itinerary : Day 2

Attractions1 Attractions2 Attractions3
Alice’s garden Ancient Settlement Qingshuiyan Temple
Alice’s garden 20 min by car Ancient Settlement Qingshuiyan Temple 20 min by car


Attractions4 Attractions5 Attractions6
Shoutian Temple Songboling Visitor Center Qixing Army Base Park
Shoutian Temple 3 min on foot Songboling Visitor Center 3 min on foot Qixing Army Base Park