Local Characteristics

Heping Township

Heping Township

Heping Township takes up approximately one half of the total area of Taichung County. It is endowed with beautiful mountains constantly adorned by seas of clouds and forests boasting species of the tropics, subtropics, the temperate zones, and the frigid zones. Residents are mostly Atayals. Basianshan National Forest Recreation Area is a perching ground for rare birds and butterflies, as well as the converging point for two famous springs- the "Shiwen Creek" and "Jiabao Creek". The habitat of the Formosan Land rock Salmon (Oncorhynchus masou formosanus), which is hailed as a national treasure, is in Cijiawan Creek.

Lishan`s peach

Fushoushan’s high-mountain evergreen tea has an amazing taste.

Heping Township has a large production of fruits. Lishan’s peach, honey apples, oriental pears, and Motianling’s sweet persimmon are extremely popular products in the nation. Please see the table of seasonal production for details.