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Penglai River Immersió Trail
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Penglai River Immersió Trail has been well known for a long time, but I haven’t had a chance to take a trip there until this year when for the first time I witnessed its true face. Previously, when seeing a profile photo of the place, I always thought the photographer did not shoot the trail well, but I found out after the actual visit that the trail really is like an “invisible” trail. In order to prevent damage to the ecological landscape, the trails had been built along the creek valley in a minimal way, so that visitors could watch at close range a rare species of fish native to Taiwan swimming in the clear water. Fishing here has been banned, but birds come fishing here to fill their belly, as it is part of the natural life cycle.

Because Penglai River Immersió Trail’s reputation reaches far and wide, it is always crowded on holidays. If you want to appreciate fish quietly, you are recommended to visit during weekdays.
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