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Cultural and Creative Incubation Results-Yuanming Pastry Shop
Scenic Area:Yuanming Pastry Shop Published Time: Publishing Type:Travel-related essay Publisher:Shlina
Today, we visited Yuanming Pastry Shop, a flagship shop in Chaoma, a Taichung city-based old and famous suncake shop. In addition to suncake and lemon cake, the shop sells creative pastries in diverse shapes and packages. Among those pastries, the first of its kind is the Taiwan Heart-shaped Suncake, which offers consumers three tastes: original flavor, strawberry flavor, and chocolate flavor, and its perfect design may make customers reluctant to consume it.

We saw a baseball-shaped Suncake on display, and the store director said that the creativity of this baseball gift box originates from a concept of a gift given to Taiwanese baseball pitcher Chien-Ming Wang. The most popular ones are “Oh Bear Dragon and Phoenix Cake” and “Oh Bear Sweet Osmanthus-flavored Guest Cake” which are authorized by Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area Administration of Tourism Bureau, MOTC, with the pastry branded with a Taiwan-shaped and a lovely heart-shaped bear’s paw print.

Your visit to The Pastry Shop ensures that you will definitely take home these must-buy commodities with distinguishing features to send to your relatives and friends!

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