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Beipu Old Street Rich Specialty
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Beipu is probably the old street that I have visited most often. Even my daughter’s kindergarten arranged a visit to Beipu Old Street. I enjoy the market shopping on this kind of street, although some people would think such an old street where vendors aggregate is over-commercialized. But through these vendors, you can come into contact with local products, and not only do tourists reap the benefits, but local people also have more substantial help.

At Beipu Old Street, the color seen most often is yellow – piles of dried persimmons and bottles of orange sauce. Every time I see them, I can’t help wanting to buy them. Turning into small alleys, it naturally gives off a simple and ancient atmosphere. Occasionally, you may still see tealeaves drying on a row of bamboo sieves under the sun. I think they are materials for making Lei Cha.
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