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Cycling on county road 139
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Biking Tour (Cycling on county road 139), Visiting Changhua and Nantou by Bicycle through County Road 139, PaGua Buddha Sculpture>Fengshan Temple>SunnyHills, with Challenges and Fun

For those who love biking, you should be familiar with the route through county road 139. We would like to share some fun and scenic spots along country road 139 this time. By biking, you can take a rest anytime, take pictures and check in on Facebook. The delicious food is also a must too for your reference. The route is from PaGua Buddha Sculpture to Fengshan Template and then to SunnyHills. These three stops are enough to provide you much fun. Each stop could stay for as short as 15 minutes to as long as one hour. Therefore, we would suggest planning a day of bike touring.
The first stop: PaGua Buddha Sculpture
When mentioning about Changhua county road 139, you definitely cannot miss out the well-established sculpture. Before departure, you can come here to pray for a good weather and safe trip, at the same time, enjoy the beautiful surrounding and delicious food.
First, you may follow the track up the stairs to see the sculpture. This was the first time here for A-shin so I was very excited! Before meeting the Buddha, I was attracted by the food already.
Seeing Buddha from a distance away, it was still bigger than the people who are nearby me. You can tell how big the sculpture is. It is 22 meters tall with 6 floors inside. There were stairs to go up, but no access to the rooftop.

PaGua Buddha Sculpture
After seeing the sculpture along a county road 139, there were not many vehicles and the road was wide. As a biking route, it is a pretty good choice, as the surface is quite flat. Although there are some ups and downs, the level of difficulty is quite low.
I truly recommend the county road 139 for biking due to its safety and wideness. Sometimes, you meet some other bikers while taking rests and cheering each other up along the journey.
During the trip, there is a green tunnel, which is quite fascinating. It looks out to the two flatlands in Nantou and Changhua. Even though the weather was not very nice at that day, the scene was still quite magnificent.

Sometimes, you meet some other bikers while taking rests and cheering each other up along the journey.

The second stop: Fengshan Temple
You can plan a longer rest at each stop. However, along the trip, A-shin would suggest taking short rests in between. On this day, I biked with my full strength to the temple for a rest. Since it is pretty close to the next stop, SunnyHills, I decided to come here for worship. The temple was established in 1861. It is more than 150 years old and has many worshipers.
The third stop: SunnyHills
SunnyHills is not that far away from Fengshan Temple, so once you get to the second stop, you are almost to the third stop. During holidays, there are many tourists packing into the store for its fame, so I must go check it out myself.
You can have free pineapple cakes and tea here. The line-up was quite long. A-shin would like to recommend SunnyHill’s pineapple slush. You will fall in love it with just one sip of its sourness. There were also some agricultural booths to stroll around. Everyone is welcome to pay a visit there.
I had a great time biking. The happy ending was also very refreshing and perfect.


Taste pineapple cakes and tea

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Route: PaGua Buddha Sculpture>Fengshan Temple>SunnyHills
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