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Easily Accessible Shibi
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“Shibi (Rock Cliff)”- by looking at the name, you probably think it is at the end of the horizon, but in fact it is not all that far out. On the map, it is a little farther than Xiangtian Lake and that is probably why I never thought about making a turn onto the Miaoli County Expressway No. 21- the route to Shibi - on my many visits to Nanzhuang. This time, I gathered up my courage and took a different route; only then, I found that the Shibi was actually closer than Xiangtian Lake. The road was built along the valley, so it is not too steep. It is considered an easy drive and the scenery along the way was uplifting. This just happens to be the season of the Formosa Hibiscus. The whole mountain was dressed in the glamour of blossoming pink flowers.

You will see a cliff wall, standing almost vertical, that will pop into your eyes. Do not doubt it in any way. You have arrived in the home of the Shibi Tribe. The tribe’s most legendary member is Lin Shu-Li, who was born and raised in Taiwan but moved here after she married a young man from this tribe - his name is Luo Xing. Lin Shu-Li single-handedly brought the Shibi Fabric Art Craft Park from the ground up. In this park, she revived the ancient Atayal fabric dye and weaving culture. It is now a well established park offering coffee, with a guesthouse and DIY craft experience services, in a cheerful environment with a botanical garden and an organic farm. Reservations are required during weekdays and the park is open for free access during weekends. You can choose the time and mode that fits into your busy schedule.

Not far past the home of the Shibi Tribe, you will come to the gorge with the so-called “Majestic Cliff”. In the gorge, the valley seems to have been magnified to twice its size. This is an interesting place with an amazing view and a suspension bridge that crosses over the gorge. It is a special experience walking in the air over this suspension bridge.
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