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Accessible Travels-Alice’s Garden
Scenic Area:Alice’s Garden Published Time: Publishing Type:Travel-related essay Publisher:Shlina
There are rich themes in Alice’s Garden. In addition to fun and diversity, what I want to recommend is accessible facilities in the garden that proves the effort that went into its design. There are a number of accessible parking spaces in the garden. After you make a stop, the road leading to the garden becomes an accessible path. In the garden, you can see safe ramps everywhere. These are specifically designed for children and for those who have limited mobility. The moderate slope of each sidewalk has an anti-slipping function that is really a comfort and provides a safe touring environment suitable for all family members. The design of the top-notch bathroom further takes the needs of visitors of limited mobility, children, and breastfeeding women into consideration.

Open Hours: 09:00AM-17:00PM
Charging standards since Dec. 1, 2015:
1. NT$150 a day for a visitor aged 12 above, get a NT$100 discount ordinary days, and get an NT$50 discount on holidays, public holidays, and consecutive public holidays.
2.  NT$30 a day for children aged 6 and above and aged below 12 on weekdays, NT$50 a day for each child on holidays, public holidays, and consecutive public holidays.
3. Young children aged below 6, visitors with disabilities, and accompanying persons are free of charge.
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