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Hai hui An
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The Hai Hui An is a temple we accidentally discovered on the Lion's Head Mountain tour. We were very curious when we saw the road sign, so we decided to take a look. We heard monks chanting inside as we approached the temple. A notice board right by the door reads Temple visits are only available on Sunday – lucky us, the timing was perfect.

We saw several hundred-year old sweet osmanthus trees wrapped with red ribbons after we entered the front door. The small temple looked very much like a three-section compound at first glance, but it has a long history behind it. The Hai Hui An, built in 1929, employs a classic temple design featuring one main hall with three main entrances and inward-curly eaves on the roof. It is also the only temple not built using grotto features in the Liontail Area. The Holy Triad of the West, Mulian Buddha, and Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva are worshipped here.

The view in front of the temple panoramic. When it is sunny, you can even see Hsinchu, Xiangshan, and Chunan here. Yet, I only saw layered massifs that looked like gold ingots during the days I visited. We enjoyed breezes on our faces and sesame candies we bought on the way over as we sat under the sweet osmanthus trees. It was so peaceful. No wonder people would want to build the temple there.
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