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Grey-Faced Buzzard Eagle Theme Hall
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Grey-Faced Buzzard Eagle Theme Hall, Alice's Garden | Recommended Two Tourist Attractions for Family Tours in Changhua.
Grey-Faced Buzzard Eagle Theme Hall
Baguashan is one of the favorite stops when visiting Changhua, as besides the charming scenery along the way, there are further many special stores. Other than the scenery, the other impression has to be eagles. The eagles actually have a name, the Grey-Faced Buzzard Eagle; they are migratory birds that migrate depending on the season, and Baguashan is one of their significant temporary habitats. In order for tourists to learn more about Grey-Faced Buzzard Eagle, Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications has set up a section for Grey-Faced Buzzard Eagle Theme Hall, and with the Grey-Faced Buzzard Eagle Theme Hall also being the Mt. Bagua Ecology Visitor Center, it therefore features an extremely high degree of identification.
Grey-Faced Buzzard Eagle Theme Hall/Mt. Bagua Ecology Visitor Center

he Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle Theme Hall features the migratory data for ecological migrant birds on Baguashan, and many more data regarding grey-faced buzzard eagles. Other than the large-scale eagle lantern exhibition in the lobby on the ground floor, there are also explicit comparisons between the flying speeds of grey-faced buzzard eagles as well as with bird species of the same grade.
Grey-Faced Buzzard Eagle Sculptor

Follow the grey-faced buzzard eagles on the ground to arrive at the 2nd floor, where the exhibition space exhibits grey-faced buzzard eagles, including grey-faced buzzard eagle audio-visual signboard, introduction to migratory route and simulation model, taking the general public to learn about grey-faced buzzard eagles step by step. After visiting the grey-faced buzzard eagle exhibition area, remember to come and try out the touch-panel interactive computer Q&A test, to see if you have really learnt about grey-faced buzzard eagles!   

I thought there is only introduction on grey-faced buzzard eagles inside the theme hall, but I realized that I was completely mistaken after entering the hall! It contains many facts on Baguashan, for instance: Baguashan mountain chain geology exhibition area and descriptions on common plants in Baguashan Scenic Area; one may further see very clearly of the various geological sandstones through the transparent glass that one stands on.

Moreover, A-Hsin also found the geological machine very interesting, as the changes of the faults may be simulated by rotating the reel of the machine; there are also mobile puzzles on the side for visitors to exercise their hands and brains, such that everyone may learn about Baguashan with fun through interactive approaches.

Data on grey-faced buzzard eagles

What fun tourist attractions are there in Changhua? Besides Baguashan, I, A-Hsin very much recommends this fun spot, which is Alice’s Garden. Alice’s Garden is very unique, it features many litchi-related thematic scene settings and food, because litchi is one of “Fenyuan’s Three Treasures”; there are super-friendly family scenic spots inside, which are extremely suitable for children to run and jump around in.
The rainbow mosaic performance plaza can be seen upon entering the garden, where the imperial concubine and Emperor Xuan-Zong of Tang traveled through time to stand inside waiting to take photos with everyone! Other than the imperial concubine and Emperor Xuan-Zong of Tang, there is also the pink colored Moon Lord Temple, where the cute version of litchi Moon Lord is watching out for happiness right here.

If you are tired from walking, there is also touring Train Train inside the park area, where one may shuttle amongst Alice’s Garden after getting on board at the “Space Station”!
Alice’s Garden
There are many facilities with edutainment functions inside Alice’s Garden, and with the vast area, every spot is ideal for taking photos, where one would accidently become a part of the fairytales at anytime; everyone can enjoy as much fun as possible at Alice’s Wonderland outdoor venue, which is not only suitable for families, but also for lovebirds. For instance: the Mediterranean architecture of “Santoliri Plaza” gives out a love atmosphere everywhere, while the “Fragrant Oasis Maze” cultivates flowers according to the seasons, which will definitely capture females’ and children’s hearts.

This is not merely a perfect place for taking photos, but also for physical training! The “Laughter-Making Machine” fitness facilities contain a suspended drawbridge, single-plank bridge, and ropeway, etc., suitable for everyone to train their physical ability and enhance parent-child interactions.

Don’t forget to overlook the magnificent scenery at mountain-observing small platform before you leave~

Sky Walkway
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