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Fushoushan flowers and tea
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In my first impression of Lishan, I just remember that it is rich in fruit produce and the indistinct outline of a Fushoushan farm at the top. But upon arrival, you will be overwhelmed by flowers that spread as far as the eye can reach. Where the Field Poppy and Thryallis (Hua Ling grass) cultivation are abundant, which are herbal flowers of Papaveraceae. Among them, the field poppy is the most well-known, and its flowers are similar to the flowers on the bottle of my favorite perfume. The feeling is especially familiar and friendly, and the thin and slightly crepe-looking petals seem too fragile to be touched. Like a beauty, it needs attentive care!

Fushoushan is also rich in cabbage and Fushou Changchun tea. In addition to flowers, there is a large cabbage field and tea plantation. Needless to say, the mountain cabbage is delicious, but Fushou Changchun tea is also a precious mountain tea that is produced in small quantities. It was the favorite tea of late President Chiang Ching-kuo and the price is not cheap.
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