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The Beauty of Emei Lake
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In the beginning of 2010, I went to Emei Lake again to cover a story of a hostel. The hostel, located at the Shiherliao Recreational Agriculture Area, is built on high ground looking over the Emei Lake. With a background in architecture, the owner of the hostel designed it as if it was right next to the lake. The views from the hostel feel very different than those from the trail.

However, at different points along the trail, Emei Lake also looks very different – sometimes the lake appears surrounded by mountains, sometimes it seems to be guarded by Maitreya Buddha and other times it is surrounded by hyacinths. In different seasons and weather, there are always diverse phrases and expressions for the scenes.

The day I went to the hostel, I witnessed a scene even more startling. Besides egrets, I also saw a group of cormorants flying by. According to the hostel owner, cormorants typically come here to hibernate in the winter. They come out and hunt food during the day and rest by the lake during the night. This kind of beautiful scene is only available in this season.

The pictures show the scenery tourists can enjoy along the trail. More beautiful ones are available here, come over and experience it for yourself!
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