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I love the 139 County Road
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The 139 County Road is a famous parkway that opens up along the ridge of Baguashan platform, with the long, flat and straight road occasionally giving way to sections of windy road. At the same time, you can also take a look left and right to appreciate in turn the landscape dotted with plains on both sides. Changhua plain is closely linked to the Strait, and mountains surround the Nantou plain; both look alike but are not exactly the same and form a very interesting contrast.

Most impressive are the Houtanjing Recreation Area and Zhang Pu Liu Feng Shan Temple in Nantou. Houtanjing Recreation Area was created in a rare style of a European garden. Following the bend of the garden trail and then up the spiral trail to board the Minaret Viewing Terrace, you will be able to view and appreciate the Changhua plain and the eagles flying. Fengshan Temple has the wide Square in front and on the right-hand side, cyclists who challenge the 139 County Road are often seen taking a break here. More specifically, the relief-carved wall around the temple shows all kinds of expressions of the Guanyin Buddha, whose demeanor will expand your vision.
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