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Light Journey in Guguan
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Light Journey in Guguan | Happiness Comes Along
Guguan is more fun than expected, soaking your feet, eating ice slush, and taking pictures.

It has been a long time since I paid a visit to Guguan! Recently, I heard that there were not many visitors there now. It motivated me to research many spots and food information and take some tours in Guguan. Then, I found that Guguan could be so much fun. All of you are welcome to check it out and share.
Light journey route at Guguan, Taichung
Trip Itinerary: Guguan bridge>Hot spring alley> MISOQ> Guguan Hot Spring Park (Guguan Visitor Center)>Guguan Second Business Trip Dorm>Guguan Street
The first stop: Guguan Bridge
Crossing the riverbed of Dajia River, Guguan Bridge is one of the important routes for residents to connect with the world outside. At one time, transportation was not convenient so the bridge was more important back then.
The red steel ropes links with each other tightly. The important bridge has now become one of the tourist spots in Guguan. It has a different identity, but still has glory.
The width of the bridge is about one meter and it has a flat wooden floor. Seniors, children and disabled visitors can make it through easily and get a great view of Guguan on the bridge.
Both ends of the bridge are safety links for Guguan’s residents. After having a stroll on the bridge, you can go to Hot Spring alley to find something to drink.

Guguan bridge

Second stop: hot spring alley & MISOQ
The alley is not easily found. When I arrived at the Guguan Bridge, I tried to look for it in vain. Finally, I located it by asking the local people and found that it was hidden inside the lanes and alleys. Hot spring alley is a shortcut to and from other lanes and alleys.
There is a cold drink shop called MISOQ, which sells special drinks, such as cubilose, cold tea, etc. Many people stop there to have a drink and cool down. The cubilose is very chewy. With the mix of brown sugar water, it is sweet but very refreshing. It is perfect to have one in summer time. After walking out of the alley, Hot Spring Park is right beside you.
The third stop: Guguan Hot Spring Park & Guguan Visitor Center
Guguan Hot Spring Park may not be easy to find. Here is a hint from the Guguan Visitor Center. It does not sound related? Yes, because Guguan Visitor Center is located inside the Hot Spring Park.
When you see the visitor center, that means you are already inside the park. There are many recreation areas set up in it. You can find some tourist info in the center and recharge your cellphone at the charging station.
There is also a service desk for disabled visitors with friendly tour guides, a disabled elevator, washroom and parking spots. It also provides a charging station for electric wheelchairs. In case visitors’ wheelchairs are low on power, visitors may come to the visitor center for a rest and recharge.
Moreover, Hot Spring Culture Center’s auditorium provides video and many interactive gaming walls for fun. There are also many friendly facilities, such as disabled seats at the auditorium. It is a great place to gain more knowledge.

Guguan Visitor Center & Guguan Hot Spring Park

Disabled seats are setup at the auditorium
When looking out from the visitor center, the whole Hot Spring Park is in sight. From the B2 floor of Culture Center, the disabled ramp leads to the park. There is the scenic ecological pool and the meadow square in the park. Disabled trails are also set up for visitors with difficulty moving around who can also enjoy a foot spa by hot spring fish. It is a must-go spot in Guguan. The fish here eat skin off your feet. When they gently kiss your feet, it actually tickles.
Inside the Guguan Hot Spring Park, I would like to share a secret with you. You can also buy ice slush here.

Trail of Disabled

Forth stop: Guguan Second Business Trip Dorm & Guguan Street
You can enter this place, but can only buy popsicle. You cannot stay. There are eight different popsicle flavors. I picked the most special ones, five pine and taro.
I could taste bits of taro in the ice with great smile. Five pine popsicle is without extra addition and with mild smile and sweetness, which is easy to your body. It is great and just right to have something cool during lunchtime. In summer time, you can keep strolling around the park or take a rest after enjoying the ice.
Finished strolling around the park and hungry for food? Let’s go to Guguan Street!
The greatest number of visitors is at Guguan Street. When you want some delicious food or snacks, this is the place. During late night, you can also get some food and snacks at the convenience store for your parties.

Come to Guguan Second Business Trip Dorm for a popsicle to cool down
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