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Environmental Education Chapter-Alice’s Garden
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As my kids kept expressing their eagerness to tour Alice’s Garden, I usedmy day off for a pre-tour preparation with the intent of paying a visit on a suitable day! When we eventually visited our first stop led us to Fenyaun Township to enjoy famous meatballs that truly deserve the reputation they enjoy.

Alice’s Garden in Fenyuan Township, Changhua County irregularly introduces plenty of interesting and funny environmental education programs, including geography education and exploratory education, for different ages of children. Among these programs, through observation, measurement, and simulation, the Heaven & Earth Meet Baguashan program leads children to gain an understanding of substances made in Baguashan. This is made clear after visitors gain an understanding of river deposition, plate movement, and orogeny to understand what Baguashan is composed of. Through a terrain model and simulation operation, visitors can experience the power of the earth. Finally, a role-play game will lead you to contemplate how to use land appropriately in order to to understand the value and concept of sustainable land development. Through team games, this program aims to inspire students’ interest and lead them to a willingness to learn teamwork.

In recent years the Bee population around the world  has been decreasing at an unprecedented rate. What are the causes giving rise to this situation? How will this incident affect our lives? The “Just Go! Bees” program helps our children think how to solve the problem of honeybee disappearance from by utilizing the perspectives of daily life.

There are about 20-40 students for each class in this program, from 09:00AM to 14:20PM including a one-hour lunch time during which you can enjoy a great dining experience.

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