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Well-known Hot Spring Hotel in Guguan
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Shenmue Valley Hotel, an old and famous hotel by the Dajia River, is known for its Divine Pine, a national treasure more than one thousand years old and the largest of its kinds in Southeast Asia. Under shade of the Divine Pine, outdoor dining is available for travelers to relax and enjoy river views in comfort. There is also a legendary Predestination Marriage Pig statue next to the seats

Next to the seats is the legendary Predestination Marriage Pig statue. This is an imitation of the copper boar statue in Victoria Park, Canada. Its drooling pose is amusing. As the pig is standing right on the peach blossoming point, rumors have it that couples who touch the nose of the pig will have a happy relationship, which has proven fortunate for employees of the hotel, many of whom have gotten married right after working there. If you find yourself always falling for the wrong person or unable to meet The One, why not drop by and make a wish for yourself?
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