Great Buddha Scenic Area

The most famous attraction in the Mt.Bagua area is the Great Buddha of Mt. Bagua. This statue measures 72 feet in height from its lotus seat to the top and the whole body is built of steel bars and cement. With two lion sculptures in front, the base of the statue collectively occupies an area of 7 hectares and inside the statue there are a total of 6 separate levels. The lowest level is a small worship hall and the second to fifth levels offer exhibits of Buddha's work during his lifetime. Under the step platform in the front area is Nine Dragon Pond; to the right is an aquarium and in the back area is a peaceful wooded lot. The whole place will give you a sense of quietness and tranquility.

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Traffic information

By public transportation:
Take a train to Changhua Railway Station, transfer to Changhua Bus Line city shuttle bound for Liugu Road direction, alight at the Changhua County Council Station and take an 8-minute walk to reach the destination.
By driving:
National Highway No. 1 exit Changhua Interchange-> Zhonghua W. Road-> Zhongyang Road-> Tai 1 Expressway-> go straight on Wenquan Road-> The Great Buddha Scenic Area

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