Hushanyan was founded in 1738 and is county designated historical site. It is known as one of the “three caves and two temples” of Central Taiwan in the past and worships Guanyin at its main hall. There are 2 old banyan trees in front of the temple, which both are precious and protected.
Legend has it that the location of Hushanyan looks like a crouching tiger and the surrounding geographical features looks like a coiling dragon and a crouching tiger. Therefore, the garden installations of “dragon’s pond” and “tiger’s cave” are made in it. There is an old antithetical couplet in front of the temple saying, “There may be or may not be a roaring tiger or a singing dragon. The green mountains and clear waters may be visible and may be invisible.”
The surrounding mountains of Hushanyan are filled with green bamboos and the great reputation of “Listening to Bamboos at Hushanyan” is one of the 8 great views of Changhua. Visitors can pay a visit to the Hushanyan Exhibition Hall next to Hushanyan that has exhibition rooms exhibiting various old temple tools (authentic ones that had been used), ritual tools for worshipping and others. Bamboo shoots and star fruits are also produced in great number around Hushanyan. Don’t forget to try them out!

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By public transportation:
Take a train to Changhua Railway Station, transfer to Changhua Bus Line bound for Dongshan and Yuanlin, alight at the Baishakeng Station and take a 15 minute walk to reach the destination.
By driving:
National Highway No. 3 exit Kuaiguan Interchange-> Tai 74A Expressway-> County 139 Expressway-> Tingzhu Street-> Hushanyan.

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